About Me

My Commitment

Commitment is an aspect that is so readily lost with many businesses today, not just in design. That is why I have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

All my clients have become an extension, my business family, as I believe they deserve nothing less. They come to me with design problems and I’m here to suggest the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. Trust is a major contributing factor and this can only be built in time, eventually enabling me to understand every area of each client’s needs and future requirements enabling them to grow steadily in their individual market sectors.

You can never underestimate the importance of commitment as this makes for a long and trusting business relationship and builds for a better foundation for future developments.

Many of today’s design companies fail to recognise the dedication required to show their clients in the best light. This aspect of personal service is a golden key issue for me and my company, Cogency Media Ltd. I pride ourselves on covering every angle to maximize the time and money spent within any one project.

I take great pride in everything I design and develop with the finer points taking president. This working attitude enables me to confidently and successfully, develop any project to its fullest potential.

I’m available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to advise and guide you through the ever-changing, more demanding challenges of the consumer marketplace of today. I’m here for you for the long term not the short.

Project Location is Never a Problem

Many projects I undertake require me to be onsite for the period of the project. Although my home base is Cheshire, location is never a problem as past commissions have taken me to Sweden, Switzerland, Qatar, Germany, France, Portugal and closer to home in Hull, Central London, Cambridge, Milton Keynes just to name a few.

My Step-by-Step Approach

I only advise what I think is the most cost-effective solution to your needs. All of my services are designed to be fully adaptable to any existing company brands and product services. Once initial assessment information has been collated about your requirements, I then strategically construct a step-by-step analysis of all my companies services that would be a beneficial solution for any project that is presented.

This could be something as simple as a product marketing campaign, with little budget requirements or a full database-driven, online e-commence facility where your clients can log in to a secure network and buy products directly from you.

However, I will not offer any service to you or your company, which would not be beneficial for either in the short or long term.

Once a briefing structure has been agreed for a project, I then go through every point of the brief again, as to establish a good communication environment.

Making sure that all parties concerned fully understand what will be the main goals for each and every step taken through the project.

I pride ourselves on our customer service, with attention to detail being of utmost importance. Communication is the key and if my clients and services are represented incorrectly then I have not succeeded in my mission as a design and development creative.


There are many issues that have to be addressed before any strategy can be developed for a design brief. With each different brief there are very strict budget guidelines that have to be adhered to, so for me to maximize each pound spent I have to assess the requirements and use the most cost-effective medium possible.

I make every effort to recommend only what can be realistically achieved from within those restraints. I never advise our clients with needless expenditure that will not return maximum results. We all live in the real world and time is money, the real skill is to attain realistic returns on any investment made.
As with each case in general, many points have to be taken into account when establishing the key objectives within a brief. Whilst looking at the overall goals I pick through the finer points as to establish whether anything has been missed and what potentially can be achieved by taking a different standpoint from outside the working environment.

This approach eliminates the confusion that might arise from diving straight into a project without taking the correct strategic angle. I insist on taking this approach as this is really the only way for me to truly understand what your design and development needs are to fulfill you or your company’s potential.

My Work

Everything you see on this website is my own work. This includes all front, middle and back end software design and development.