Audio and Video Streaming Development


Online Video on Demand Apps

More companies today are using online video technologies than ever before. This has come about with the reduction of running and application development costs, making it more accessible to many smaller companies that would never have considered it a viable option before.
More companies are turning to online video advertising to sell their products and services. I offers you these services at a fraction of the cost of producing and advertising the same message on other forms of broadcast.

Video and Audio Services that I offer include:

  • Full Media Hosting On Our Dedicated Media Servers
  • Video Banner Design And Development
  • Real Time Video Streaming
  • Real Time Audio Streaming
  • Full CODEC Compression For Immediate Online Use
  • Fully Branded Video Interface Design And Development
  • Experienced Media Streaming Design And Development Services

A Little Far Fetched

It may seem a little far fetched that you would ever consider doing this but the option is there. Mobile laptops and handheld PC’s have all the communication capabilities of any desktop system that is around today.

This is where I can help. I can develop and manage online video and audio applications to suit your needs. You might just want a simple peer to peer system that links up from your office to your home or it could be as large as a multi conferencing suite that links to each of your offices around the globe.

Many companies are using video applications to broadcast live real time conferences which include power point type white boards to hit home their products in a more dynamic way. Others are using it for online video diaries where users leave video messages for each other to view at their own leisure at a later date.

What ever way you look at this technology and the ever increasing speeds of the internet, online video and audio applications are here now and for the future.

Security Issues

Security is at the forefront of every online application that I develop and video is no different. These applications are developed with the “Sandbox” theory. Meaning that only the people you invite into your “Sandbox” can see and hear what you are saying.

The development application interface that I use is Flash. This world renowned development application enables me to develop tailor-made systems that are styled to embrace your existing company branding. Each interface has its own standard web browser sandbox-security models to ensure the privacy and security of users. A simple interface provides an opt-in model for access to the camera and microphone, as well as detailed control over the rights of individual websites.

With replicated audio/video streams and the Shared Object synchronization between servers, I can build scalable server clusters that support large numbers of small group interactions, as well as large-scale broadcast applications.

If you would like to know more about my online video and audio application development skills or would just like some advice on where to go next, then you can get in touch with me through my contact us page. I will be more than happy to offer advice on how you or your company would benefit with online video applications.