Simple Business Marketing

General and Very Simple Marketing Pointers.

As I’m sure you are aware that this is not a quick exercise and marketing gains will occur over a period of time as each chosen change phase is implemented.

The focus within this page is on basic changes that are not sector specific and, if done well, will increase any company’s market sector foothold independent of product or company. Time will allow tweaking within each approach as to minimise marketing expenditure and maximise returns.

Key Suggested Areas

Immediate changes that can be made to increase communication with your current and new customers.

Increased Communication

  • Categorise products for different market sectors outside your current client base.
  • Increase information and product guidance.
  • Additional industry standard “give away” information. Health and Safety, Governmental guidance etc.
  • Simplify product information.
  • Look at adding “Value Added” services to support your current products e.g. customer satisfaction follow up calls, satisfaction guarantees etc.
  • Introduce specific help lines of communication. e.g. clear points of contact for each product or service that you offer.
  • Take ownership of client inquiries. There is nothing worse than being pushed from one department to another when all you want is a simple quote.
  • More detailed business and product information inline with other promotional material e.g. brochures, email shots etc.
  • Within your website, make sure that navigation is as simple as possible (KISS). Work on the rule of thumb that if a user has to click more than 3 times to get to a product or service, then you have lost them. So that’s once, twice, three times a loser.
  • Look at  automated services (on-line quotes, feedback blogs etc).  There are two situations where people, in general, do actually like to give feedback. If they have brought a terrible product or service and on the flip side, a fantastic product or service. Either way, make sure there are enough lines of communication to allow users to give their feedback. Good or bad, both will help to grow your company and the quality of your products and services.
  • Increase user awareness of company quality standards and improvements. This helps to instill confidence in your customers to the fact that you are constantly looking at ways to make your products and services even better.
  • User registration to aid in information gathering. This does not have to be as intrusive as you would expect. This could be just an news letter email registration process.
  • Better quality product images. Remember, you really are selling a lifestyle that your product or service will give your customer.
  • Putting a face to a name helps break through the barriers that the internet has created and makes your team more personal and approachable. So make sure there are images of your team that have the client facing positions within your company.
  • Make sure you don’t waffle on within your “About Us” page. Keep it straight to the  point as all the reader wants to know are key points about your company. Again its about instilling confidence into the reader that you and your company are more than qualified to supply the product or service they are looking for, in a timely and qualified manner. After all, you have been doing it for the last 100 years and have millions of satisfied customers to prove it.

Strategic Market Sector Improvement Goals

  • Raise your online profile (SEO, regular specific information posting to search engines which focus on supplying useful links that are external to your website but linked through your website)
  • Quarterly email newsletters
  • Monthly email promotional shots
  • Provide professional advice channels (online, telephone, email, Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  • Raise your profile within specific established business organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce and UKTi
  • If your product or service is very niche, then raise your profile with the organisations and business that would use your products and services. Use info packs relating to your products and services highlighting and specific characteristics that make you rise above your competitors. This approach has proven to be very successful if you are able to gain endorsements from recognised business associations.


As you will see there are a quiet a few areas that would most certainly raise the profile of your new company and your company products. In turn, raising your companies profile and products improves regional, national and international market sector acceptance.

But, to jump straight into implementing all of the changes above would be very adventurous and somewhat a little cavalier. Take your time with detailed investigations into what your current and future clients really do need. Its better to invest in establishing real “customer wants” rather than pure speculation. With market trends shifting so quickly, having as much information as possible about that market, will enable you and your company to make more qualified decisions.

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