Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that can communicate commercial messages to an audience of your choice. This form of marketing can enhance the relationship between yourselves and your clients, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business, and could gain you new customers and or convince current customers to purchase something immediately.

This service is relatively cheap yet just as effective as mail shots (newsletters sent through the post). I can handle a Mass Email Marketing campaign from the design of the email layout and population of content through to the actual online distribution of the emails, you can also choose the frequency at which you would like the emails to be sent (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly) and I can even narrow down your target audience to one specific to your industry (such as builders, drivers, dentists) buy purchasing data which hold specific contact details.

Data purchasing is basically the purchasing of data from the many databases that are available out there that hold the contact information of many businesses out there according to which industry they belong to. I source this data and find contact information relevant to the industry you are targeting and use this information to implement a more effective campaign.

Viral Marketing

A viral online marketing campaign is a campaign in which most of the work is done by the user. In a nutshell this type of campaign could for example be an email which is forwarded from one person to another and so on until there are a whole group of people that are forwarding it to other groups simultaneously. Examples of this can be seen in, as mentioned, email campaigns, YouTube and FaceBook videos/messages/games and many other online facilities that allow the communication of information.

This type of campaign can give your service/company a huge amount of exposure and in-turn increase your click-through rates (the number of people who visit your site by clicking a link on a viral email).

A different example of the application of a viral campaign is a business offering a client a discount on a particular service if they forward an email to 5 or more people who successfully register to that service. This is an incentive that I’m sure you as a consumer have come across many a time with companies providing Satellite TV for example, and yet it is one that has proven successful in the past.

In another example I could also add a “buy now” button for a product in that email, which would take the user directly to a check-out page. There are numerous examples I could give of the many benefits of this type of campaign but in reality every case would be different, and this is where a tailored campaign comes in. I could work with you, in conjunction with your long/short term goals for whatever product or service you offer and I can produce the right type of campaign which would raise the maximum amount of exposure possible at a very reasonable price.