Games Development

Below are a number of example games that I have developed for a number of my clients which include Language development, ICT evaluation, Engineering, Sports and Fitness to name a few.

Flash - LingoLango

Flash ICT Applications

Flash - Sports Fitness

Flash - Mathmatics

Flash - Sports Fitness

Flash - Mathematics Game

Flash - Sports and fitness

Flash - Languages

Flash - Languages

Flash - Question Template

Flash - Business Management

Flash - Engineering

Flash - Languages

Flash - Languages

Flash - Electrical Engineering

Flash - Languages

Flash is a platform that is widely used online which can be used to create and display high-quality animation, games, and interactive applications for use with e-learning for example.

I can design and develop a flash application to your specification and it can be as complicated as a viral online game, where the user would play, win and be taken to your website or show an advertisement for you service/product, to a complex application for assessing people online and displaying test results in real-time.

The high compatibility and widespread use of flash on the Internet means that flash is a very effective and convenient tool for developing online applications.

I specialise in development for PC, TV and mobile applications and have experience using many of the new popular open source frameworks such as;

These frame works are completely open source and are free to use. Each specialise in different areas and each have optimised class libraries that are perfect for use within Flash and for games development.

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