Development Joint Ventures

This is a simple idea being offered. We are looking at possible joint ventures where we bring to the table a vast selection of skills and services to the table of good hope, and you bring, well lets see what you bring.

The aim here is to bring together a fantastic and, oh so talented selection of individuals as to create something outstanding.

If you are interested in joining forces to defeat the dark over-lord, then either get in touch or post a response below.

You never know where this might takes us all and as my old father used to say “hit it, hit it before it gets away!!!”.

But seriously though, if you are missing that important link to get your idea to market especially when it comes to on-line/mobile gaming, we would like to hear from you. And just a quick pointer here, we are not looking at anything that is outside of our skills remit so no “I’ve got this idea to harvest ice burgs as a solution to drought (Bruster’s Millions)” ideas, as we just don’t have the man power for that kind of thing.

Development Joint Ventures ,

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