Mainstream Marketing

Mainstream Marketing can best be described as the more traditional area of marketing involving everything done off the Internet. These services include planning and implementing traditional Marketing & Corporate Identity solutions along side offering our Offline Media design services. My marketing services are completely unique and innovative, for example I could design and develop for anything ranging from digital/terrestrial TV advertising, Radio advertising and company Christmas cards right to the larger scale of movie sponsorship endorsements.

It pays to be innovative with marketing as I always strive to provide a marketing and design service that is unique and distinctive from anything your competitors have in place.

Marketing and Corporate ID

Your Corporate Identity is very important to your company’s brand and has to project the ‘right’ image and appeal to your target markets. It must look the part and work effectively in every environment in which it is likely to be displayed – such as on a website, on a letterhead/business card, on a billboard or on a delivery truck. I can truly appreciate and respect the importance of your brand and identity, and I can work closely with you to fully understand your business and work towards your corporate id design requirements.

I can provide specialised services in the following areas: Logo Development, Banners & Display Stands , Brochures & Franchise Packs, Business Cards, Pamphlets and Newsletters & Data Purchasing.

If there is a design and development service you need that is not on this list, then let me know as I can also offer a completely tailored service using a selection of other professional services that I bring in when needed.

Logo Development

A Logo Design should reflect the image of the company it represents. My job is to capture the character traits of your organisation and display them to your target consumers using a logo design. I study your product or service, competitors and target audience and develop a logo design that will reflect the overall image and standards of your company.

Banners and Display Stands

Banners have a very impacting way of getting your message across to the public. A perfect example of this can be seen in your towns’ city centre, where there may be numerous banners with eye-catching designs that convey a distinct message to you either directly or subconsciously. I believe that this type of advertising can more than benefit your brand significantly by raising awareness for your product and/or your organisation.

I can design and print any size style banner for any purpose and I can work closely with you to market and deploy them in the most relevant and cost effective locations.


Brochures are an indispensable way of displaying what your organisation is about when attending presentations, seminars or any other function where you have the opportunity of making contacts and raise awareness for yourselves.

I can inspire confidence in your company by designing a very creative and professional brochure to any style and layout. These will ensure that your organisation stands out from your competitors.

Business Cards

It goes without saying that a business card is your calling card and aside from providing contact details, it should also convey a sense of professionalism and style.

How many times have you looked at a business card and knowingly or subconsciously, determined whether that particular person or organisation might not be one that you would want to deal with? It isn’t a nice thought but a book is often judged by its cover. People may not have the time to look into what that company may actually have to offer, so I feel that being on the safe side, its imperative that you give the best first impression that you can.

I can ensure this by designing a professional and creative card for you that not only displays crucial information, but does it in a creative, stylish and professional way, as to grab the recipients’ attention and provoke their curiosity.