Online Marketing

Online Marketing Made Easy

Online marketing is a buzz word and has been since the start of the “dot-com” era. From the start of this era, up to present day, I have worked on many successful online marketing campaigns, and so learning and improving after each project. As a result I have gained an impressive skill set which will benefit any type of online campaign that you may have in mind.

If done correctly, an online marketing campaign can be very beneficial and lucrative for your organisation. Almost every industry in the world has a business that has an online presence, whether its via a website, viral marketing campaign, email newsletter campaign, online PR, banner advertising, social networking sites or even a podcast.

I can and have designed and developed for these platforms and so much, much more. Compared to traditional mainstream marketing, the Internet has a very widespread influence with Google supplying statistics that highlight this: official figures say that the Google content network reaches over 75% of the world, this is a framework that delivers advertisements paid for and created by companies. There are also very similar figures from the Yahoo and MSN search and advertisement services.