Software Development

Here you will find a number of example software applications that I have developed which run on STB (TV Set top Boxes), Mobiles, PC’s, Macs, Tablet’s, USB Dongles, SD Cards and CD/DVD’s.

All software applications I develop can communicate locally, on internal networks, through the internet and over WiFi networks.

Applications can be to be fully multilingual, which allows ease of use whatever language you might speak and read.

Content Management Systems

A most recent project I was commissioned for was to developed 6 Content Management Systems for the Swiss Olympics Museum. Each CMS was built on a my own home brew framework (AS3) within Flash and then wrapped in an SWF Studio executable application shell. This allowed me to extend the functionality of AS3 considerably. The final CMS’s have image, video editing and duplication functionality, XML file cataloging and creation, UPD over HTTP network file distribution and communication as well as full error tracking and logging. Each CMS runs off a single Apache server which, in turn, services remote computer terminals within the museum. Each remote terminal is running AIR applications that use the data and assets that are created on each CMS.

EPG/Smart TV Software Applications

With the next generation of Smart TV’s becoming more advanced we see a real need to be able to develop for any platform. This particular project was developed for ComHem, a Swedish TV supplier on behalf of Accedo TV. Other projects included the Channel 4oD player (Smart TV) and Boxer (STB)

PC/Tablet Software Application

This stand alone software application has been designed to sit on PC and IOS tablets. A sales pitch supporting application aimed at presenting the financial benefits of purchasing a particular product.

Mobile Software Application

Developed for “next generation” infotainment car media systems. This software application runs on a Windows Mobile platform, and uses touch screen control hardware. Multiple software applications can run off the one device, allowing the user to access emails, calendar appointments and many other software applications too.


This software application is installed on the users PC system and gives access control to other named “users” on remote location PC systems.


Product information DVD that the user installs on their PC. This then updates itself through an internet connection with more up-to-date information that the client uploads to their web services online. Making this software application very versatile and very easy to update.