UI/UX Development

UI/UX Development

User Interface Design and User Experience go hand in hand and the synergy between both can make or break the best of client-facing ideas. If one side of this balance has not been well thought out and thoroughly researched and tested then the entire project will miss your specific user segment focus and inevitably will not return the expected results. I have been involved with a number of projects where internal opinions have ruled the development and design process which has caused each project to fail dramatically, costing those companies time and money. Opinions are a good starting point with any project but user testing will always give more qualitative results.

My experience enables me to approach all areas of UI and UX with an unbiased mindset. Being able to get a good understanding of the “Jobs to be done” right at the start will always set a solid foundation to build from with any type of client-facing project.

Data-driven development is a fine art and many companies will rely on simple faceless user interaction data to create their next “award-winning” project but user interaction data such as GA is only one small part of the development process.

Wireframe Prototypes

Depending on budget constraints most UI/UX projects start with a storyboard and then once refined move onto a more tangible wireframe prototype.
This allows for the project to be refined further and also allows for focus group user testing. In the long run, this approach reduces cost and risk considerably by qualifying the success or failure of the user journeys and user interaction assumptions.

Wireframe prototypes not only give you an interactive environment for user testing but also allows for the design and development of project assets which can then be ported over to the final release.

I work within Adobe XD to create wireframe prototypes and have found it to be one of the better wireframe prototype creation tools available.

My UI/UX development and Design approach takes into account everything from the actual key user testing and interviews right across to key user focus groups and user interaction data. This then gives me factual key segment user data to “fine-tune” and qualify if the initial approach is what was expected and avoid the “scattergun” UI/UX development approach which many companies take. This time and effort to truly get to understand the specific targeted user segment will always give very clear early indicators of whether the project in question, is hitting the mark.

My experience in UI/UX development has been applied to many successful projects which include:

  • Award Winning E-learning Solutions (Direct-ed)
  • E-marketing (Kiddy Care Ltd)
  • STB Software Development (Sky, BBC)
  • Bespoke Software Developement (EziCohort, Swiss Olympics Museum, Jaguar-Landrover)
  • Web-based Applications (EziCohort, Kiddy Care Ltd)
  • Web-based Games Development (Direct-ed, EDI, Lingo Lango)
  • Website Development